Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Digital Video Surveillance

Digital video recorder (DVR) is a device that records data in digital format which is encoded in MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 formats. The DVRs are very similar to the VCRs in terms of functionality and features. The quality and performance of DVRs is very superior comparatively. The data is stored on the hard drive which makes it a very reliable device. Digital video recorders are widely used for surveillance and have become extremely popular with the CCTV companies. Digital Video Surveillance have become an integrated part of the security system and are being widely used in defense departments like army, navy armed forces and in various governmental buildings including banks, airports, and railway stations.

Digital Video Surveillance helps to reduce crime

Digital Video Surveillance is being widely used for public safety and to reduce crime and other unwanted activities. It helps to monitor homes, shopping malls, stores, offices, restaurant and other private property remotely. Digital video surveillance helps in identifying and catching suspected criminals DVR's helps in implementing a strong security system and monitoring various areas simultaneously by accommodating more security cameras. Depending upon the security needs, you can buy 8-channel DVR, 16-Channel DVR, or 32-Channel DVR. Digital Video Surveillance provides a centralized control and access over the entire area.

Digital Video Surveillance helps in law enforcement

Digital Video Surveillance helps in protecting the people and public assets by assisting in law enforcement. Use of Digital Video Surveillance in public areas help to establish a fully monitored system and allows to increase public safety. It helps to identify the violators and terrorist threats and take suitable action. Digital Video Surveillance helps to carry out security operations effectively and efficiently. Digital Video Surveillance prevent offenders from breaking the law and prevent anti social activities like behavior of alcoholics, spitting, throwing garbage, etc.

Alliance Security Systems is one of the premier home and business security company providing excellent security solutions. The company has over 30 years of experience and a long list of satisfied clientele. They help in implementing a strong security system by helping in installation of various security equipments, such as Security alarms, security bars, burglar alarms, card access systems, cameras, access control and DVR security system equipment.

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Home security for less

The combination of a deep recession and widespread law-enforcement funding cuts will most likely spell a banner summer for burglars. If your house makes a good target - it's upscale, off the beaten path, and in or near a city - an alarm system is your best defense, according to Temple University economics professor Simon Hakim, who studies security and policing. Installing one will reduce your risk of a break-in by two-thirds. To determine what you really need, follow the guidelines below.

Don't overequip

A top-shelf security system that includes a detector on every door and two on every window could set you back thousands. But unless you have Picassos hanging on your walls, it isn't necessary, says Stan Martin, executive director of the Security Industry Alarm Coalition, a trade association dedicated to reducing false alarms.

For the most part, a basic package that secures all exterior doors and includes a handful of well-placed motion detectors will stop the average thief. Also get smoke, carbon monoxide, and flood-alert devices (about $250 each), which operate even when the burglar alarm is disarmed.

Vet the companies

Alarm installers will drill holes in your walls and woodwork - and will know how to bypass your security system - so you need them to be honest as well as skilled. Collect referrals from friends, neighbors, and trusted tradesmen, and verify that the companies are members of the National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association.

Compare long-term costs

Get price quotes from at least three companies. A basic system should cost $1,500 to $2,000, says Martin. You'll also need a monitoring service, which will send the cops to your door when an alarm is tripped. Monitoring ranges from $20 to $50 a month, plus $10 to $30 more if you get cellular backup, which ensures a distress signal will come through even if your phone line is cut. Since alarm companies make the bulk of their profit from monitoring, some offer discounted or free installation of a basic system when you sign a contract.

Consider a few extras

Make sure to get keypads with digital readouts (about $100) that clearly identify which detector has tripped, so that you and the monitoring center know immediately if the problem is carbon monoxide or an open dining room window.

If you have plaster walls, consider wireless detectors, which require no drilling or snaking of lines (the cost is about the same as for the standard models - and battery replacement comes at no extra charge). And if you have or would ever get a dog or cat, ask for pet-immune motion detectors (an extra $50 to $100 each).

Of course, a canine can make a pretty good alarm of its own, with no battery replacement necessary. Just daily walks - and a treat every time he barks at a passerby.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

An alarming occurrence

Leave it to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office to try to make things even worse for county taxpayers.

Starting July 1, the Sheriff's Office will begin enforcing a new ordinance that will heavily penalize those whose unregistered alarm systems register a false alarm.

County officials say the Sheriff's Alarm Registration Ordinance is meant to reduce the number of false alarms in the unincorporated areas of the county. Apparently, deputies were spending too much time investigating false alarms.

Last time we checked that was one of many functions of law enforcement that taxpayers already pay for. How registering an alarm system with the Sheriff's Office is going to reduce the number of false alarms is puzzling. There aren't many people who set off an alarm on purpose. What difference does it really make if an alarm system is registered or not? With budgets tightening in all areas of government, it's obvious the Sheriff is looking for ways to increase the cash flow into his coffers.

This new ordinance will accomplish nothing but to create more animosity between taxpayers and local law enforcement that already gets a lion's share of the taxes collected in the county. It's time for the folks at the Sheriff's Office to tighten their belts like everyone else and do the job the taxpayers are already paying them to do. Charging a resident or a business owner a stiffer fine because they didn't register their alarm systems isn't the way to do it.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Burglar-proof home

Summer may be the time for fun in the sun - but it's also time to make sure homes are secure before hitting the vacation trail.

Police and a home alarm system specialist both suggested a few tips that can be done so that people don't end up coming back home from a vacation to find their house burglarized.

Police Cpl. Sherrie Carruth suggested the best way to plan how to secure the home is to put yourself in the mind of a burglar and see how you can break into your own home. If you can find an easy way in, you should fix that problem right away.

She also said one of the most common mistakes people make is that they simply don't lock their doors and windows.

"Interestingly enough our officers... find no forced entry because there didn't need to be one," she said. "They're leaving their windows unlocked, their doors unlocked, sometimes even up... It does not take a burglar all day. With two minutes they can have what they want out of there."

Brad Holcomb said about 95 percent of burglars go through a door, and usually the back door if there is one.

The 1st Alarm general manager said any basic alarm system would monitor all the entry doors along with the windows. He also suggests a keyed deadbolt for the doors and if you have sliding windows, something as simple as a steel rod in an interior window track can stop many burglars from going in that way.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer burglaries alarming

Standard homeowner's insurance policies cover theft of personal possessions and damage to the home caused by burglars breaking in. If you own valuable jewelry or other luxury goods, ask your insurance agent if you need to buy a floater to ensure their coverage.

The Insurance Information Institute says 2.15 million burglaries occur annually, 65 percent of which are residential break-ins. The majority happen in the peak vacation months of July and August. They like computers, TVs, CD and DVD players, jewelry and guns. Burglars are enjoying the "Obama's gonna get our guns" hype because it means more weapons — valuable assets for thieves — are being kept in residences.

You can make your home more difficult to break in to — making the crooks more likely to target some other house in your neighborhood. Research shows that if it's going to take more than five minutes to break into a home, the burglar will go elsewhere.

Take advantage of this fact by making it time-consuming to break into your home. Dead-bolting windows and doors slows down burglars. You might be able to get a 5 percent discount on your insurance policy for this.

Make it noisy to break in by buying a burglar alarm that sounds off to the neighborhood. The most effective are outside sensing services that alert the police, fire and other emergency services. A sophisticated alarm system can get you a 20 percent discount on your insurance policy.

Make sure you have strong doors. Outside doors and frames should be made of metal or solid hardwood at least 1 3/4-inch thick. Doors should fit their frames securely. Even the best locks won't deter burglars if installed on weak doors. Garage doors also need strong locks and your tool shed does as well — they'll steal the tools to break into your home.

Turn off your computer and disconnect it from the Internet. If you save personal information on your computer, be sure it's difficult to access by hackers.

Keep valuables locked up and well hidden — bank safe deposit boxes are good places. Don't leave personal documents in your home office or desk. Burglars know to look for them there. Put critical documents in a lock box or safe somewhere unusual. Keep copies of important documents at a relative's home or at work.

Keep your home well lighted. Mount exterior lights out of reach in your yard or on your house. Put indoor lights on timers to go on and off at appropriate times as they would when you are home.

Leave your house looking inhabited, leaving blinds or curtains open in their usual positions. If you are going away for an extended period, arrange to have your lawn mowed in the summer and your driveway shoveled in the winter. Have your mail picked up or held by the post office. Stop the newspaper for your time off, and ask a neighbor to pick-up "throw-down" circulars and keep an eye on your home and driveway for strange cars.

Call your police uniform division to ask for a "watch order" on your address. Police patrol officers will drive by occasionally when not on assignment elsewhere.

Tell trusted friends you are going away, but don't discuss your plans at the supermarket or the hairdresser's or other places where you don't know who's listening.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

With proper Security, you Add Luxury to your Home

Toronto is a huge place. Every place has some issues and various crime rates. When it comes to problems we can’t ignore them we have to try and fix them. There has been an alarming rate of burglary, thefts and cheats happening at the homes, and with the help of free home security Toronto, things are much easier. Security has become very important and a sure requirement. Every single person wants peace and security.

You can surely get a luxurious experience when you add technology to any security system. Home security system in Toronto is available to you in a very simple way, with this feature you can become hurdle free and less bothered about your homes security and its safety aspect.
Home security alarm system Toronto, are very reasonable and feasible options. Alarm system is highly beneficial as it provides security not only to your home but also to your whole locality. The most effective security system just consists of a burglar alarm system without a camera; the information is passed to a 24-hour alarm-receiving center, which responds to the signal in accordance with agreed policy.

Home security company Toronto, are on a rise as more and more people are taking to home security, to safeguard their lives and lives of their loved ones and of course their home and belongings.

Thieves will get a little scared if they know that you have installed a home security alarm system and wireless home security alarm. A home security system can provide important evidence in identifying and convicting a burglar. You can have a number of types for the cameras to suit your need.

One of the easiest crimes to commit is Home burglary; this has led to a high increase in the requirement of alarm home monitoring security and a major time increase in burglar Alarm Company. These companies are doing exceptionally well with the crime rate high and no time on hand to follow up much with police.

Burglar alarm is an electronic device in which sensors are connected to a control unit through either a low voltage hardwire. The most common security sensors are the opening of a door or window that is detected via passive infrared.

With the current on going economic slump all over, the best which can be done to protect your interests, your family and assets, it is most advisable to opt for the best available options such as the digital video surveillance system and video surveillance. All the measures taken will surely help you remain safe.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Add security and feel secure, opt for the best, when it concerns your home

Security is very important in today’s time with the ever-increasing crime rate and economic slump, which has taken over the entire globe these days. The economic slump has led to unemployment, robbery, thefts and various cheats. It becomes an easy option to rob and meet the requirements, which are only increasing day, by day.

Every place has some issues and various crime rates. Toronto is a wide base for all segments. Problems when they arise we have to try and solve them, we can’t let them be or just ignore them especially when it comes to security of ones home and the life of the ones close.
Free home security toronto, enables you to secure your home with the right specifications and home security system toronto, has become very popular where more and more families are opting for a security system for a good nights sleep and when its free you can get the best at no cost.

With home security alarm system Toronto and wireless home security alarm Toronto you can feel safe. You can leave your home and go out of station without worrying about your home and your belongings. There has been an alarming rate of burglary, thefts and cheats happening at the homes, and with the help of free home security Toronto, things are much easier. Who doesn’t want peace and security; this is where home Security Company Toronto can come to your help in a huge manner.

Voxcom security Toronto and voxcom Toronto are beneficial options, as it provides security not only to your home but also to your whole locality. Robbery and burglary are quite common these days, and when there is no security installed it becomes very easy. Burglar alarm Toronto, video surveillance system Toronto and burglar alarm Toronto, are considered to be the most effective security system it just consists of a burglar alarm system without a camera; the information is passed to a 24-hour alarm-receiving center, which responds to the signal in accordance with agreed policy.

Delinquents will get worried if they know that you have installed a home security alarm system and wireless home security alarm. Digital video surveillance system Toronto can provide important evidence in identifying and convicting a thief.

Measures like video surveillance Toronto will help you protect your interests and protect the life of loved ones and family.

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